Nov 16, 2021
For Attendees

A Roadmap for Attending Your First Music Festival

Attending a music festival for the first time can be a nerve-wracking experience. There are so many things to plan and prepare for, from figuring out which day you want to attend, what types of food you should bring, how much money you need to spend, etc.

Music festivals are expensive and if this is your first one it's hard to know all the tips and tricks needed in order to make sure that everything goes smoothly. In this blog post, we'll cover some best practices for attending your first music festival!

Check the weather!

For festival-goers, being prepared is the key to a successful road trip. The music fest can give you great music, but it also has the potential to be a disaster.

In order to avoid missing an epic music moment while waiting in line for a taco or taking a selfie, it's important to be prepared and plan ahead.

Make sure you have a well-earned playlist that will get you energized for a bumpy four-hour drive and that all your food and drinks are ready to go. Be sure to pack plenty of snacks because music festival time means happy hour time!

Check the weather before deciding what clothes to bring with you so that your outfit matches the day's forecast. You might want to bring rain gear just in case. Be sure to bring a battery pack so you can keep your phone charged and music playing!

If you need a hotel, buy it immediately after buying your ticket.

We music-lovers know how stressful it can be to find an available hotel room on short notice near the music festival, but there are ways to circumvent that pesky problem if you book early enough.

Planning ahead for music festivals is essential. Cold-calling hotels around music festivals and asking for special rates can be successful if your timing is spot on, but it's not always so easy to pull off.

If you're booking a hotel, whether it's to avoid the high cost of camping nearby or to have a comfortable place to stay during music festival season, consider booking ahead of time so you have plenty of time to secure the best deals. If you are flying, have your flight booked before booking your music festival tickets!

Pack up the car the night before.

When you arrive at a music festival, you'll want to be able to get in and out of your car without too much hassle. By packing your car the night before, you'll be able to avoid this issue.

Avoid music festival traffic by leaving early in the morning! You will want some time to set up your camping gear and get ready for all of the fun that is waiting ahead of you at a music festival. This way you can enjoy music festivals fully with no hiccups.

Pack music festival essentials like sunscreen, a blanket to sit on, and music festivals necessities for after dark! Music Festival wristbands and ID should be placed in easily accessible places - you don't want these items getting lost or forgotten during the music festival. Bring your camera as well so that you can capture all of the memories from music festivals!

Plan and try on all your outfits at home.

You should plan and try on all your outfits at home before you leave to go to the music festival. This is because music fest clothes are often expensive and restrictive (e.g., high heels).

You should also bring a backup outfit in case something happens to the clothes you're wearing. It's better to wear an old t-shirt and jeans than have expensive music festival outfits ruined by mud or water. If it rains, your music festival experience could be over quickly because not only will you get wet but so will all of your stuff like your phone, wallet, and music festival tickets.

Bring comfortable shoes.

If you are attending your music festival for the first time, I would recommend bringing a pair of comfortable shoes. You are going to be on your feet all day so try to bring one or two pairs of shoes that are comfortable.

Comfortable shoes will allow you to have a good music festival experience because you won't have to worry about being injured during the music festival. Bad shoes can make or break you when walking so much.

Download the festival app.

A music festival app is a perfect tool to make your music festival experience amazing. With an app, you can research the music acts you want to see, buy tickets, and arrange your travel logistics like transportation and accommodations.

You can also get festival updates on everything happening at the event, like food vendors serving up yummy treats!

Invest in a portable charger.

A music festival can provide a lot of memories, moments, and peace of mind for those who attend. It's not an experience that should be taken lightly because music festivals are a great place to connect with others or just enjoy music.

However, once concerts have started they have also been known for being the cause of many cell phone battery emergencies. There's nothing worse than being at a music festival, losing your battery, and barely making it to the music as the lights dim.

If you want to avoid this from happening to you there are some steps that you can take to ensure that your music festival is going according to plan.

One of these steps would be investing in a portable charger. This way, you'll never lose power during your music festival experience. In addition, you might consider investing in a personalized solar charger, because charging stations, if there are any at all, could be crowded.

Figure out which artists you NEED to see.

Why should music festival attendees plan which artists they want to see ahead of time? Well, music festivals are loud and busy. You need to be able to focus on music, especially if you're looking for your favorite artist.

Furthermore, music festivals rarely have such a good variety of music that you will just happen to stumble upon all the music you want to hear. If you know what kind of music you like and what performers' music is your favorite, then music festivals can be an amazing experience.

Designate a backpack or a fanny pack for the weekend.

When you go to a music festival, the music is going to be loud and there's going to be a lot going on. You'll want to carry a lot of stuff with you so it's a good idea not to have a bulky purse. But if you use a backpack, you can put everything from your wallet and sunglasses to your phone and battery pack in there.

A fanny pack is also a great option for music festivals because they're smaller, lighter, and don't rub against the back of your neck like purses might.

Establish a meeting point inside the festival!

Establishing a meeting point is an excellent way to avoid getting lost in the music festival. This also helps you to locate your friends, which makes it easier to meet up with them when you are looking for them. It will also make it easier to stop by their camp if you want to chat, take a break from the music, or grab a drink.

One suggestion is that meeting points should be no more than ten minutes away from each other. This way, if someone meets up with one person and then the music catches their attention, they can head back to another specified meeting point without having too much difficulty finding it!

It's always better to have at least two meeting points on hand in case one of them is unreachable. It could be because music festival attendees are in the way, or someone dropped their phone and can't find it!

In this case, having a backup meeting point will save you from getting lost for hours! If something does happen to go wrong with your first meeting point, don't panic - just use another one!

Having a music festival is all about staying safe and making the most of your time. Establishing meeting points with friends can help you to stay on track, get where you need to be, find people when needed, etc.

Drink water!

The music festivals are a great place to have fun and music is all around you, but there are some things that you need to make sure of. You want to make sure to drink water so bringing your own water bottle is a must. You can take fun drinks like Vodka Red Bull or plenty of other beverages, but nothing beats water!

Fortunately, most music festivals have refills available for free at their water fountains, so if you bring an empty water bottle, you won't need to pay out of pocket.

Have fun and be safe!

It's a music festival, not the apocalypse. You'll be fine! The most important thing to remember is that you have fun and stay safe while attending your first music festival. With these tips in mind, we hope this article was helpful for you as well as being enjoyable to read!

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