Nov 10, 2021
Event Promotion

How to Sell Tickets Using an Online Event Ticketing System

Event organizers have a lot of options when it comes to online event ticketing systems. There are many different types, and they all offer something different. In this blog post, we will discuss how online event ticketing systems work and the benefits you get from using them. We will also share some tips on choosing an online event ticketing system for your events!

What Is Ticketing Software?

Ticketing software allows you to sell tickets online, whether they're already printed or not. It also uses an online form that is very easy for anyone to fill out and purchase a ticket online. As technology continues to advance, online event ticketing systems such as Readytix will only become more popular and prevalent in the market because of all of their benefits.

Benefits of Ticketing Software

If you are looking to find online event ticketing software for your next event, keep reading. Some of the most popular ticketing platforms are Readytix, Stubhub, and Seatgeek.

Readytix is an online event ticketing system that allows you to sell tickets online from the comfort of your own home. Stubhub and Seatgeek are resale ticketing platforms that allow users to resell tickets they've already purchased, and buy other users tickets to events.

Why should you choose to sell tickets to your event using an online ticketing system?

Here are some of the benefits:

  • You can sell tickets online without having to worry about the logistics.
  • Your customers will be able to find and purchase your tickets online from their phone, tablet, or computer.
  • The online event ticketing system is convenient and easy for both you and your customer/ticket buyer.

Sell tickets with our all-in-one event management platform

Readytix is an online event management tool that allows you to sell tickets online. The Readytix online ticketing system helps you to take online payments, control tickets inventory, conduct online marketing, and much more! You can set up your event in minutes- no coding is needed! Plan your virtual event that your attendees will enjoy without breaking the bank.

Innovative marketing tools to attract customers, drive demand and sell tickets

Event organizers can now sell tickets online to their events and generate revenue. The online event ticketing system allows event organizers to enter the necessary information and will automatically calculate the cost of the tickets and online processing fee. It also ensures that once a customer purchases a ticket online, the organizer will receive an instant notification and even has the capability of checking in attendees at the door.

This ability is invaluable as event organizers can push last-minute updates or changes online with minimal effort. The online event ticketing system is available for any size events such as concerts, festivals, or any other similar type of event where one might be able to pay online.

Create a better event registration experience

Event registration online can easily be a high-stress experience that can leave people feeling disappointed. Readytix event ticketing system is the only online event registration platform that provides a pleasant online event registration experience from start to finish with no extra fees. Personalize your event experience by adding extra messaging, pictures, and profiles to sell tickets for an upcoming event.

Use our online ticketing system to provide special offers for attendees signing up early, use promotional codes to track whether your ads were effective at driving registrations, and create codes for different groups so you know which ones are most successful.

We've made online event registration accessible, easy and affordable for organizers of any size or type of event. The online registration experience with Readytix is fun, easy, and intuitive so your guests have an easy time on the front end and you have access to better insights on the back end.

To learn more about how Readytix makes online event registrations easier for everyone, click here!

Monetize Your Events with Our Event Ticketing Software

If you're hosting a live event, event ticketing is a perfect way to make some extra cash. Readytix's online event ticketing system lets you sell tickets online without any setup costs. There are two ways to monetize your events with our event ticketing software--a ticket price that includes the opportunity for online passes or one that doesn't.

Our online event ticketing software includes a fundraiser option, which lets you sell online passes at the same price as your tickets. You'll be able to choose how much of each sale goes back into your pocket or an organization's coffers. If you're not interested in online pass sales, set up your online event ticketing system without this feature.

Our online event ticketing software makes it easy to sell your tickets online. Using a web-based or mobile app, you can accept online payments from almost anywhere in the world. We'll even send out emails with QR codes for pass holders so they don't have to print anything off before attending your live event!

Readytix provides an online event ticketing software that makes it easy to sell your tickets online in a few simple steps. Get started today to monetize your next online event!

Event Management Platform

An online event management system, such as Readytix, is an online ticketing system that allows you to easily sell tickets online. Users can customize their own page and customize how attendees buy tickets online for their event.

Some of the features include:

  • Setting fees and prices for tickets online
  • Customize your online outlet to match the design of your event.
  • Set different prices for online, walk up and phone orders.
  • Decide on the ticket quantity limit online.
  • Sell tickets online through your website or Facebook page.
  • Track online sales in real-time to see how well of a job you are doing selling event tickets online.

Online Mobile App

Readytix also offers an event app as part of our all-in-one ticketing software. The event mobile app is one of the easiest ways for you to monetize your event. It provides an online system for ticketing, registration, and online sale.

To sell tickets using this app there are some steps that need to be followed:

  • First, create a ticket type with a name, start date, and end date on the "Ticket Types" page in batches or single instances.
  • Second, a ticket type is created in the online event mobile app system.
  • Third, decide what is included in your registration fee and add it to one or more of your ticket types.
  • Finally, create registrations for each online sale that you have created whether single events or batches with the “Online Sales” page in the online event mobile app system.

The online event mobile app system offers online marketing, online registration, and online payment processing that will help you plan the logistics of your event. You can also design a logo for your ticket type or use the default event mobile app logo. You also have the option to send tickets via email with a QR code on them.

Start selling tickets online

Online ticketing systems allow online ticket purchases and online event registration. There are many online event ticketing system providers online, including Eventbrite, Readytix, and Ticketleap.

Offline event organizers can sell tickets online and use online event registration and online payment processing to keep the process controlled and simpler for their attendees.

To start selling tickets online, first, identify an online ticketing system that you want to use. These systems will have online account management software that you will need to install on your own server or use as a hosted solution.

Once set up, users must be able to register for your events online with the provided credit card information, select the seats they wish to purchase and make payment online. The online ticketing system provider should also provide online reporting that will show online ticket sales, online event registration, and online credit card processing.

When using an online system such as Eventbrite or Readytix for selling tickets online, the organizer's website should also provide links to these systems so people can easily purchase their tickets. The link can be added to a payment button on your own website or online registration system.

Once the online ticketing provider is set up and online event registration links are added, people can begin purchasing their tickets online with a credit card. At this point, you will have to print out some kind of identifying paper for your attendees that they present at the door when attending your events in order to prevent anyone from using online tickets that do not belong to them.

Wrapping Up

See how easy it is to sell online tickets with Readytix? Sign up for our online ticketing system and get a free online storefront in minutes. Our event ticketing platform offers low ticket fees for event organizers. We'll even give you tools to help you save time during the sale process.

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