Dec 7, 2021
Event Promotion

The Best Ticketing Provider for Your Event: What You Should Know

There are many ticketing providers out there to choose from, which can make it difficult to know where to start. But don’t worry--we're here for you!

In this blog post, we'll help you find the ticketing provider that is best for your event needs. We'll talk about what kind of ticketing company might work well with your event type, and will also discuss how venue size affects ticket prices.

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What is ticketing software?

Ticketing software is ticketing application software that ticketing companies use to create, buy, and sell tickets. It also connects the ticket buyer to the ticket seller through an interface. Ticketing applications are the backbone of many ticketing systems.

Event organizers can use ticketing software for several different reasons like tracking event inventory (availability), managing ticket inventory (sales), ticket pricing across multiple channels (online and offline), and more.

The event company should look for a ticketing partner with a ticket management system that integrates seamlessly with their current business management system(s).

The benefits of ticketing software

All ticketing companies have different ticketing software available to them.

An event management company's ticketing software is usually a good indication of the level of service that they are able to provide, which is why ticket buyers should pay attention to ticket sellers' ticketing software when purchasing tickets.

For example, if the ticket seller uses central access point ticketing or has an online registration process then this shows that they are serious about providing good service for ticket buyers. It also increases the chance that buyers will have no problems actually getting their ticket!

Ticket sellers who use barcodes and QR codes for ticketing will be able to get their tickets out to ticket buyers in a timely manner, which also makes it easier for ticket companies to organize seating.

As ticket companies are able to effectively provide their ticketing services, they will have an increased turnaround time between events which means that there is a shorter window in between when tickets go on sale and the event itself.

This also increases the chance that ticket prices will be lower at earlier stages as ticket companies are able to offer ticket buyers a cheaper price.

The cost of ticketing software

Not only is ticketing software inexpensive but it can also simplify your ticket sales. Most ticketing companies have a customer support phone line where you will be able to get assistance with any questions or concerns about ticket sales.

After setting up your event page on your website, you may also choose to create a coupon code for customers who sign up to receive ticket alerts from you. You can include free ticket promotions or discounted ticket rates as an incentive to get customer loyalty to develop with your ticketing company, such as gift cards or discount codes.

You may choose between ticket-inclusive prices, which are the most preferred by customers who do not want to pay extra ticket fees, or ticket-exclusive prices where customers can pay for their tickets plus online ticketing fees.

You may also set up a price range for each ticket and designate different assigned seating areas if desired.

Saving money in the long run

Ticket sales are streamlined and accessible to you with the help of online ticketing software that will save time and money on your end as well. Not to mention building customer loyalty.

You can choose the level of control you want over your ticket sales through customer support for most ticketing companies or online ticket management, which is available on your event page that was set up earlier.

This will allow ticket-holders to check their orders, update personal information, and make ticket changes before the event date.

The ticketing software is accessible for everyone who wants to set up an event page on their website or manage tickets online through your company's website. However, some companies may require a small service fee depending on how many ticket sales you plan to make.

Typical features of ticketing software

Some ticketing software providers offer users instructions on how to create ticketing platforms. This is content marketing for ticketing companies. They provide instructions on how the company can create an online ticketing platform with their ticketing software such as Readytix.

Readytix offers a pricing comparison feature, which will compare ticketing prices from various ticket vendors and allow users to select the best ticket price for their event. As well as a variety of integrations that give users granular control over what integrations they want to use with their own components and CRM system.

Some of our other features include:

  • event registration
  • ticket sales
  • ticket fulfillment
  • ticket refunds
  • ticket transferability
  • paperless tickets
  • mobile tickets
  • dynamic pricing for your events.

Readytix ticketing software is easy to use. Our ticket distributors are professional customer service reps who are ready to answer any questions that may arise. You can also contact your ticket distributor for help if you need help setting up the ticketing software so it will work smoothly with your event organizer.

Considerations when purchasing ticketing software

One of the first things that ticketing companies will want to consider when looking for ticketing software is what type of event they are hosting. While ticketing software packages offer a wide variety of features, you may want to look at ticketing company reviews for specific features that you need your ticketing company to have.

Ticketing companies with swipe technology make it easier to charge for purchases at events where attendees can easily leave and return. Ticketing company reviews also often include a list of the types of ticketing companies they will work with.

Another consideration ticketing companies should make before purchasing ticket software is how much their staff will need to know about ticket sales. Ticketing systems vary from extremely simple ones that allow for volunteers to sell tickets to ticketing companies that require extensive training for employees.

How venue size affects ticket prices

Ticketing companies should consider the size of their events when choosing ticket software because larger events will need more robust pricing options and analytics capabilities than smaller ones.

For example, ticketing systems may offer one flat fee or a percentage/flat rate split depending on whether an event is ticketed through a third-party provider or directly from the ticketing company.

Find the best ticketing provider for your event

As an event owner or manager who has done everything yourself in the past, you may be considering hiring a ticket company for your next event. While there are many benefits to using a ticket company at your next event, it's important to know what ticket companies offer before jumping into a contract with one.

Here are some great options to start with:

Ticketmaster has been operating for more than 35 years. They are the ticketing company that provides solutions for some of the world’s biggest sports teams and ticket sellers.

Readytix is a ticketing service that focuses on providing ticketing services to small businesses, event creators, and promoters. These ticketing providers have many different pricing plans to help you find the best one for your entertainment event.

Seatgeek is an online ticketing marketplace that sells tickets for events exclusively from other ticket resellers, so it’s one of the cheapest ticket buying platforms available on the internet.

Wrapping Up

The ticketing industry is only continuing to grow. That means there are more ticketing providers to choose from than ever before, which can make it tough to find the best ticket provider for your event. We hope that by reading through our article today you feel confident in choosing the right ticket provider for your next big event!